eufy by Anker, RoboVac G30, Robot Vacuum with Smart Dynamic Navigation 2.0

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Eufy Robovac G30 Vacuum

Smart Dynamic Navigation 2.0: With the Path Tracking Sensor, Smart Dynamic Navigation 2.0 allows for purposeful cleaning across all surfaces, compared to random path robotic vacuums.

Features and Benefits
• The Right Way to Clean- The Path Tracking Sensor ensures that G30 adapts to changes of surface while remaining on the most efficient route
• Get the Full Report
• Friendly Reminders - Helpful voice-prompts inform you of your RoboVac’s current status
• Auto-Return Cleaning - Once charged to 80% battery it will resume cleaning in the area at which it stopped.
• Disturbs Dust Not People - brushless motor significantly reduces vacuuming noise
• Drop-proof Technology - drop-sensing technology
• Knows Your Home - 9 built-in infrared sensors Robovac is constantly aware of its surroundings
• Avoids Tricky Spots
• 2000Pa of hard-hitting suction power
• RoboVac possesses BoostIQ Technology which automatically increases suction power when extra vacuuming strength is needed
• Reduced height of only 2.85” allows for cleaning under low-lying furniture with ease.
• Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
• Dust Collector Capacity - 0.6L

What’s In The Box:
• The Cleaning History displays the area covered and the time taken per cleaning session. Selective Zone Cleaning and No-Go Zones are not supported on RoboVac G30 Series. The map is for your reference only if you wish to see how and where RoboVac cleaned.
• RoboVac G30 does not support Boundary Strip detection.

For Optimal Use:
• Ideal for hardwood, tile, laminate floors, and medium-pile carpets. Not suitable for high-pile carpet and very dark-colored carpet.
• Move cables out of the way to avoid tangling. 5 cable ties are provided in the package to help you better organize wires and power cords.

What’s In The Box:
• Eufy Robovac G30
• User Manual